Jaguar Land Rover Ice Academy

Situated at the edge of the Swedish Arctic Circle, the Jaguar Land Rover Ice Academy offers you the chance to drive an assortment of high performance vehicles around specially built tracks on a frozen lake in sub-zero temperatures.


To promote this once in a lifetime experience, we created a full 360° campaign including an interactive booking site for each brand. Promotional films tailored for each site as well as social media, print ads, brochures, eDMs, menu designs, clothing and even a limited edition coffee table book.

And yes, it really was as cold as it looks.

Online film to promote this incredible Experience.
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A selection of images used across the various platforms.
ice drive edm 2.jpg
ice drive edm 3.jpg

A selection of the eDMs produced for the event. Some were used to target potential customers whilst others congratulated them for booking or gave advice on what to pack for such an extreme conditions

Printed brochure also available as a digital download promoting the Experience.
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