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Ok, so this is where I prattle on about being an award-winning creative with over 18 years experience...blah, blah, blah.

All of that is true, but I'd like to think my back story is a little more original than the bunkum you'd normally find in the 'me, me, me' section.

You see, life before advertising was far from conventional. As well as stints selling Spanish timeshare, epoxy resin driveways and Armani suits, I also spent several years sailing the oceans whilst working as a croupier on the cruise ships.

The latter was obviously the one I found most fascinating as I gave almost seven years of my life to it. A way of life that has taken me around the world working for various cruise lines, as well as several land-based casinos in Greece, the US, South Africa and a small coastal town in Belgium called Middelkerke. I liked Middelkerke a lot. It’s like Bournemouth on HRT.


Finally, after my many years on the ocean waves, I decided to use these experiences and return to land and to University to get a ‘real’ job in advertising.

Since graduating, I've been creating outdoor posters, press ads, radio, online content and television commercials for a wide range of clients. Career highlights include launching Peter Kay as the face of John Smith’s bitter, persuading Gordon Ramsey to sell Walkers crisps, and accidentally blowing up the Range Rover Sport SVR featured in the Bond film, Spectre. 

However, my biggest boast surely has to be when I worked with the great, Leslie Phillips, who agreed to record my voicemail message. If you'd like to hear it, just give me a bell.

Ok, so now it's starting to all sound a little familiar as I drivel on about various industry achievements, but at least I haven't written about myself in the third person. That's just weird.


2000 – 2001    Leith London
2001–  2002    TBWA
2002 – 2004    Leagas Delaney
2004 – 2009    AMV
2009 – 2010    Addiction London
2010 – Freelance. Agencies include DDB London and Amsterdam. 4Creative, St Lukes, Mother, McCann, BETC, Y&R (VML), WCRS, Ogilvy, Red Brick Road, Isobel, GTB, Lambie Nairn, Forever Beta, BJL London, 

This also includes extended stints (10 months and above) at Spark44, JWT, GTB, VCCP, BBH